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Dealing with bedbugs is frustrating and stressful. Finding a service provider to get rid of the bedbugs effectively shouldn’t be! We offer the chemical-free ThermaPureHeat® method of eradicating bedbugs from homes and businesses. What makes this treatment effective is the use of pure heat technology. Because the heat penetrates the entire structure and your belongings, it kills bedbugs wherever they hide—there’s no need to replace your mattress or other furniture which saves you money. And because the heat even kills bedbug eggs, this is a single-application solution. When you treat with heat today, you sleep tight carpet cleaning dallas tx tonight. No more bites! Don’t suffer from another sleepless night and itchy welts any longer. Give us a call today

We proudly serve both residential and commercial today to discuss how a epoxy flooring bedbug management plan can decrease your liability!

To learn more about the ThermaPureHeat® process, your carpet cleaning san antonio

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Want to see the process in action? Check out a video clip of our recent sports authority coupons feature on NBC2

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“We can't thank you enough for your care and diligence in treating our home. While ThermaPure is Data Loss necessarily an invasive approach to pest control, your careful, informative, and thorough approach inspired our confidence. Your customer care was truly excellent!â€

Charlotte, NC

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